Powerful and Scalable
Scale-up your business with our powerful and stable Softswitch platform
  • Carrier-Grade solution.
  • Concurrency up to 12K session calls in a single server.
  • Manage both session and media calls.
Powerful and scalable
Reliable and Efficient
Reliable and Efficient
Run your business smoothly. Keep yourself hassle-free with efficient maintenance
  • Class 4 time zone-based Softswitch.
  • Guarantees 99.99% network uptime.
  • Built-in fault tolerance and failover technology.
  • Unlimited user-specific role creation.
  • Maintenance-free hosted Softswitch server.
Robust Security
Ensure rock-solid security of your data
  • Domain-based secured login (HTTPS).
  • Protects data from any type of malicious activity within the data travel path.
  • Single sign-on (SSO) facility.
Robust Security
Strong Firewall
Strong Firewall
Protect your business with our proprietary Firewall Technology
  • Protects from DDoS/DoS attacks.
  • Prevents unauthorized login or hacking.
  • SSH blacklisting.
  • Automatic IP blocking for repeated suspected attempts (authorized users can correct that again).
  • Blocked IP list with a log.

Switching Capability
Compatible, customizable, and flexible Switching - best answer for your business.
  • Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) platform supported.
  • Support a wide variety of codecs such as G723, G729, alaw, and ulaw.
  • Superior user experience with built-in unique technology.
Switching Capability

Intelligent Routing
Intelligent Routing
Best utilization of business capacity with intelligent routing facility.
  • Forced routing with multi layer failover.
  • Auto blocking of down gateway/route.
  • Automatic reconnection.
  • Unlimited route plan.
  • Custom-made routing for a specific destination.
  • Maximum call duration configuration.
  • Breakout-wise call limit.

Interactive User Interface
Handy interface helps you for quick business monitoring.
  • Dashboard for business performance metrices and key monitoring points.
  • Various report generation for business analysis.
  • Automatic performance top charts for routes, customers, gateways.
  • Active calls and various reports import, export, print, and PDF creation features.
Interactive User Interface

Real Time Monitoring
Real-Time Monitoring
Find out easily how your business is performing right now.
  • Live performance metrics on Dashboard.
  • Live call monitoring by various categories.
  • Active call performance with key points.

Integrated Reporting
Summary to detail report to analyze route performance.
  • Timezone-based call summary.
  • Summary reports based on hour, date, customer, gateway, breakouts.
  • Advanced filter facility based on date, customer, gateway, breakouts.
Integrated Reporting

Advanced Troubleshooting
Advanced Troubleshooting
Most importantly, run your business smoothly.
  • By examining SIP logs you can identify why the call fails.
  • SIP logs provide various helpful information about customer name, dialed number, breakout, gateway, channel type, and codec also.