Multiple Internet Bonding
SBO Multipath V.4 can combine the bandwidth of multiple internet connections and use them as a single connection seamlessly. It can bond any number and any kind of internet connection together, for example- ADSL through LAN port, GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max through a USB port. Therefore, it is possible to set up a VoIP termination business, where mobile internet is available. Thus, users can plug as many connections as they need to achieve their desired bandwidth. By managing network latency and failover, it ensures smooth and uninterrupted connection. Thus it keeps your service always up and running.
Multiple internet bonding
Increased performance
Increase Performance
SBO Multipath V.4 increases the overall performance of your termination business by reducing disturbance on internet connection and making it highly available where internet connection performance is poor. It makes your business profitable by reducing downtime due to internet disconnection. It also can manage network congestion with its unique congestion management system. Thus it ensures end-users enjoy superior voice quality as there is no lag in it. It also maintains Quality of Service (QoS) based on statistics and uses automatic load balancing capability among available network connections. Thus it results in good ACD (average call duration), ASR (average success rate), and route performance.
More Secure
Your security is our priority. As always, we are concerned about our clients' business security. Our R&D never stops here. In this latest version of SBO Multipath, we have introduced our proprietary binary protocol to protect your network from sniffing and hacking. Similarly, artificial intelligence has been implemented to automatically detect and bypass any type of internet firewalls. Therefore, it can be performed properly both in TCP and UDP.
More Secure
Save 80% Bandwidth Usage
Save 80% Bandwidth Usage
SBO Multipath V.4 has its own unique encryption and compression algorithm. It reduces bandwidth usage up to 80% depending on the codec used. This optimization is performed without disturbing the voice quality. That is the magic. Its proprietary SBO protocol can reduce bandwidth usage by SIP & RTP as it works with very minimal overhead. It also supports multiplexing when the number of calls increases. Thus bandwidth usage goes further down.

Works Behind NAT
SBO Multipath V.4 works behind any type of NATed and Firewalled Network. It does not require any dedicated real IP. It will establish point-to-point communication behind NAT and act as a local network. Therefore, Public IP for termination business is not required with SBO.
Works behind NAT

Compatible with any softswitch
Compatible with any SoftSwitch
SBO Multipath V.4 is compatible with any standard softswitches available in the market- like SyncSwitch, VoIPSwitch, VOS3000, iTelSwitch, and so on. It can process traffic or call, send directly to SBO from any SIP Proxy SoftSwitch.
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Remote Login
Remotely access to Gateway devices is not a problem anymore. With our latest version, you can add your gateway devices and monitor them from your MyPortal. Easy monitoring is possible anywhere, any time. Our browser-based secured login facilities will remove the dependency on third-party software i.e. TeamViewer, VNC, AnyDesk.
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Remote login

Easy to Use
Easy to Use
SBO Multipath V.4 is easier to use now than ever before. Everything is preinstalled in the SBO ISO. It only requires a PC with basic configuration, 8 GB USB drive and an internet connection to run. SBO Multipath V.4 ISO with Rufus USB burner links are now available on our website to be downloaded. Download, burn and run for free. With minimal technical knowledge, anyone can operate it. To guide you regarding installation and configuration, we have published useful tutorials/articles on our website. Additionally, our technically sound support team is available to assist you happily.
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Best Price in the Market
Start your termination business at $10 only! Yes, you read it right. All the exciting features of SBO Multipath V.4 are now available at a very competitive market price. Affordable packages are available based on your business needs. Additionally, you can save up to 10% by paying quarterly or half-yearly. All the packages come up with free and dedicated online customer care. We know our customers deserve it. We are here to welcome you and to ensure the best value for your money.
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Best Price in The Market