GET SBO: A new home of SBO Bandwidth Optimizer

Posted Sun Nov 22 2020 15:45:29 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) by admin & filed under newsletters.

Synchronous ICT is proud to announce the launch of our new website A website dedicated only towards Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer (SBO).

Pleasing our customers has always been our primary objective. We got many feedbacks and requests of setting up an SBO focused website. Hence, we present to you

What’s new with SBO Bandwidth Optimizer?

We have made pathways so that our valued customers can better understand SBO Bandwidth Optimizer. Pages dedicated to the understanding of SBO Bandwidth Optimizer in depth has been added to the website. We have made sure the text and information is easily understandable by the reader.  As well as, this website is intended  to provide great user experience such as contact, live chat, packages and almost all information is available within a click.

We want to help our customer in every aspect. In this attempt we have incorporated SBO installation guide, SBO troubleshooting guide and also FAQs on SBO Bandwidth Optimizer. We have added a lot of content on SBO and SBO Multipath to our new website with which customer’s will be able to better solve their problems. This is done to provide a more hands on approach to the customer.

With this website we also plan to provide better customer response and aid to our clients. For this reason our live chat option and contacting with our office is made more prominent in this new website. Our 24/7 dedicated and experienced support engineer’s team is just one click away. We believe they are capable of assisting you with anything you need; and solving your VoIP termination problems related to bandwidth optimization, performance optimization, firewall and any other aspects. They are always there from providing you information about the service, to the deployment of the product and any queries you might have after deployment. You can always count on them.

We have also added a ‘Downloads’ section so that all the software needed for setting up and running SBO Bandwidth Optimizer are readily available to you. Newsletters and event categories will be there to let you know what we are up to. Blog is there for you to comment and post any VoIP related issues. We have incorporated all our social media presence links to the website as well, so you can follow us on your favorite social media platform.

All we aim is to provide you with a much better user experience with Please stay with us and come back to the website frequently to know latest information and updates about your favorite bandwidth optimization solution.