What to do if calls are not coming to SBO but the customer is sending calls to the SIP signal address?

There can be various reasons why calls are not coming to SBO. To examine the issue first ensure SBO license status is active and the state is online. Next get the Network details (IP, Subnet, Default GW) of that SBO and SIP signal address of the added gateway from MyPortal.

Then match the gateway IP and port with the SIP signal address in the gateway settings page of the sending/originating switch.

Finally, log into the gateway device using a remote URL. Next, go to network settings and match the gateway device IP with the added gateway IP in MyPoral. Also match the subnet mask and default gateway IP with the SBO’s subnet mask and default gateway. And then match the gateway device SIP IP and port with sending/originating switch IP and port.

If all these information are correct then the call should reach the SBO. If not please email to care@getsbo.com or knock us at LiveChat for further assistance.


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