How do I know which IP address, netmask, default gateway and DNS should be set in gateway?

We assume you have already subscribed an SBO Multipath V.4 package and have configured your system to test the calls.

Now, when you are trying to configure your Gateway Devices, some questions might arise in your mind. For example, What will be the Gateway IP addresses, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask, and DNS?

In this article, I would like to inform you that every subscribed SBO comes with a predefined Gateway IP range, Default Gateway & Subnet Mask. You should configure your devices with the given IP range, subnet mask, and default gateway to comply with SBO Multipath V.4. However, you are recommended to use google default DNS which is though it is not mandatory.

Where I will find the IP Series, Subnet Mask, and Default gateway to Configure Gateway Devices?

If you expand the SBO by clicking on the down arrow icon on the right side, you will find the areas where all the information including Gateway IP range, Default Gateway, Subnet Mask will be displayed. Collect the detailed info given in this area and configure your devices.

IP Range for Gateway


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