What to do if the remote URL is not working?

There can be various reasons why a remote URL is not working. Before examining the issue, you need to ensure several steps are done correctly.

First, make sure the SBO PC is powered on and online.

Second, gateway devices need to be on and connected with the same LAN of SBO PC. Then, make sure you have pressed the SBO reload button after adding or updating the gateway in MyPortal.

Finally check the gateway device IP address is set as per MyPortal gateway IP which was added under SBO gateway menu. For example, in MyPortal a gateway was added with IP address So you need to set your gateway device IP address as follows.

IP Address:


Default Gateway:

All the necessary information like gateway IP range, subnet and default gateway address are found in MyPortal.

If the above steps are done correctly and the remote URL is still not working. Please email to care@getsbo.com or knock us at LiveChat.


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