What is Wallet ?

My Wallet of MyPortal account is a digital wallet (or e-wallet) service through which available packages into the Store of MyPortal can be purchased. Customers will add balance into their My Wallet using bank payment or PayPal transfer, prior to subscribing or renewing a package. By using the available balance of My Wallet, they can buy any package from the Store or can renew their present subscriptions.

Portal Menu

My Wallet can be found by clicking the Wallet option of MyPortal Menu. Available balance will be shown in the Wallet Balance section. By clicking the Pay Invoices option one can find a specific invoice and pay that invoice using the balance of My Wallet.

My Wallet

By the Add Money section, you can send payment and add balance to My Wallet. There are two methods of adding balance. Customers can send payment to designated bank account(s) through direct bank payment or wire transfer. Then, they need to add details of their payment into the Add Money by Bank option of My Wallet. By doing this, they initiate a cash-in request. As soon as we receive their payment in our bank, we will update their Wallet Balance accordingly and the new available balance will be shown on the Wallet Balance section.

Customers can also send payment using PayPal Service, which is integrated with My Wallet. They just need to follow a few simple steps for the PayPal option of the Add Money section. In this process, Wallet Balance will be added much faster than bank payment.

There is an article on “How to add money to My Wallet of My Portal?” reading which will help to know more about adding My Wallet balance.

In addition to adding money or package subscription or renewal, there are other useful features of My Wallet. There are Recent Cash In, Recent Cash Out, Recent Refund sections. These sections will show you all of the recent transactions you have made using My Wallet. You can see details of each section by clicking the “Show All” option of respective sections. Inside the Show All option there are easy filtering options, which will help to find a specific transaction quickly.

My Wallet is a secured and automated process. Customers’ bank or card details need not to be shared or stored here. Customers can use their My Wallet Balance whenever they want to subscribe to a package from Store or to renew their subscribed package. But Wallet Balance is not transferable, nor adjustable with other customers and with other third party services.


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