What is MyPortal?

MyPortal is a secure web interface that is developed to give customers a single point of access to relevant business information, such as products, policies, orders, invoices and online payments, as well as to ensure complete visibility into their interactions with service providers. MyPortal gives users a convenient way for managing and controlling their full business independently from this single site. It also allows them to resolve most of the issues in a timely and transparent manner.

MyPortal users can access their account information, can explore what packages and new offers are available in Store, can purchase/enroll to any product that is suitable/appropriate to them, can manage and update their purchased/enrolled product whenever they need. Moreover, customers can invite new users, if they only wish, to help them monitor their business, by allowing the new users specific roles. Additionally, customers can check their account history, download digital files, bills, have transparent knowledge of all business transactions and many more. All of these have been made possible in this single platform, MyPortal.

What is MyPortal

Here in MyPortal, customers can do almost everything to manage their business. In the Store of MyPortal, there are various packages for SBO and SyncSwitch. Customers can purchase/enroll to any predefined package, by clearly knowing its features; like- price, validity, discount, add ons and etc. Even, one can customize a package according to his/her needs. Purchased products will be automatically added, and also will be renewed accordingly if the customer only wishes.

There is a digital wallet service in MyPortal, named as My Wallet, through which all package buying/enrolling will be made. Customers will add balance into their My Wallet through bank payment or PayPal prior to purchase/enroll a package. By using the balance of My Wallet, they can buy any package from the Store.

To configure and manage purchased/enrolled packages of SBO and SyncSwitch, there are different tabs and numerous options. These have made the whole configuration and management of SBOs and SyncSwitch a lot easier. Now with a few clicks anyone can start their business.

In MyPortal there is a separate section for Billing to show customers proper records of their business transactions. All invoices, cash-in, cash-out - every transaction are under the Billing section. Filtering option is there to find a particular invoice or transaction easily. So, keeping track of financial transactions is very convenient and transparent in the MyPortal.

Customers can also invite their people, create multiple roles and manage multiple users under their single MyPortal account. If there is a need to limit user access to a certain level, the root user can do that, by creating a role with specific access limit and assigning that role to anyone.

All of these made MyPortal an interactive platform from where managing, monitoring and controlling business can be done very easily.


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