How to see and edit profile information from MyPortal?

You can see, edit and update some basic information from your MyPortal account very easily. In this article, we are going to share step by step process to do this. Updating profile information is only available when logged in from a web browser on computer. GetSBO app or mobile browser does not support the updating profile information option.

At first, please log in to your MyPortal account from a browser. You will find a circle containing the first letter of your name on the top right corner of the screen. Or if you have uploaded your photo to your MyPortal account, here you will see the photo. Click on that.

Update Profile 1

It will open a small box containing your name, email address and logout button. On top of this, you will find CHANGE within the circle. Click on this.

Update Profile 2

This will redirect you to your MyAccount page. Where you can see your account information - Photo, Name, Birthday and Gender that you have provided while creating your account in MyPortal.

Update Profile 3

Add or Change Profile Picture: If you want to add or change your profile photo in MyPortal, we have a separate Article. Please go through that if you need any help.

Edit Name: You can edit your name as many times as you want to do. Click on the NAME or the > icon of this row. This will open a box containing your First name and Last name that you have provided while creating your account.

Update Profile 4

Change the name in the boxes and then click on UPDATE. New information will be displayed in the Personal Information box.

Update Birthdate: You can update your birth date and year very easily. Click on BIRTHDAY or on > icon of this row. Your current information will be in the Birthday box. You can find a calendar icon on the right hand side. Click on that and set your desired year with the date.

Update Profile 5

Next, click on UPDATE. Updated information will be displayed in the Personal Information box.

Change Gender Option: Similarly, for Gender, click on the > icon, and a box will pop-up. From the drop-down list, select the gender and click on the UPDATE button.

Update Profile 6

Your information will be updated instantly. Now, you can check your Personal Information box.

Update Profile 7

This box will now display all the changes you have made and you can see the updated profile information.

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