What happens to my subscribed products in MyPortal if I do not have sufficient balance in My Wallet?

Every package of SBO and SyncSwitch which is available in the Store of MyPortal needs to be subscribed to through MyPortal account by using the available balance of My Wallet. These packages have a fixed validity period. After this time period, the package will expire. But if there is enough balance in the wallet and the customer does not cancel or migrate the package it will auto renew for the same period. For auto-renewal, a recurring invoice will be generated 7 days before the service expiry date showing UNPAID status. If you have sufficient balance in My Wallet, you can manually renew the service before the due date by paying the amount. Or after the due date, auto renewal will occur by deducting the exact amount from My Wallet. It will keep your service up and running. You will find the invoice showing PAID status. But if there is not sufficient balance in the wallet, the existing package will expire immediately after the end of validity period and service will be stopped.

You will find that service status Inactive in your respective service list. You can Reactivate the service again after adding a sufficient amount of money to My Wallet. If you need, please go through our article ”How to add money to My Wallet?”. You will be glad to know that you can reactivate your services with all of your data intact.


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