How to install SBO Multipath V.4 from USB?

Assume you already burned USB with our latest SBO Multipath V.4 ISO.

To install SBO from a USB drive you will need to set the USB boot option as the first priority boot device in computer BIOS settings. You can access BIOS setup at the time of booting the computer by pressing F1 or F11 or other keys may also be used which will be displayed in the option. From the boot options set USB as the first boot device. Then save the BIOS settings and restart the computer. Now it should automatically boot from the USB.

Actually during SBO installation you have nothing to do. Just plug your USB bootable device and wait for a few seconds to load the login screen.

During the installation of SBO first it will display the following screen.

Boot SBO

After successful installation, the login screen will appear.

Boot SBO2

Finally you will login to sbo with our provided username and password to collect MAC address and Ethernet interface name which are required to activate the SBO license. You will have to update those information in MyPortal.

After login the following screen will appear from where you can collect MAC address and Ethernet interface name.

Boot SBO


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