How SBO Multipath V.4 works?

SBO Multipath V.4 allows the user to add multiple internet connections (as many connections as the server can take) and distributes the whole load among all available connections which helps to increase the performance. It can bond and aggregate bandwidth from any type of data like, for example, ADSL through LAN port, GPRS / EDGE / 3G / 4G / Wi-Fi / Wi-Max through a USB port. Therefore, it is possible to set up a VoIP termination business where a workable network was not previously available or was difficult to achieve. Now SBO Multipath V.4 can solve this issue by combining multiple data links and providing a single data link with a higher bandwidth. SBO Multipath V.4 works by managing the QoS for each of the connections and it can measure available bandwidth in a specific data link with a standard quality. It distributes the load according to that. SBO Multipath V.4 continuously monitors various quality metrics to detect any network data loss, delay and inconsistency. If any data link fails to meet the quality standard, it keeps that out of the pool and remaining available data links take the overall load without interrupting any live call. When disturbed or disconnected data link gets back to normal performance, it will be added back to the pool automatically.


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