SBO Multipath Network Diagram

SBO Multipath Network Diagram
Synchronous Bandwidth Optimizer is a very dynamic bandwidth enhancing solution. It offers a lot of options to the customer. It is very simple to operate. SBO is a plug-n-play solution with minimum installation & configuration. To install and operate SBO Multipath you need a PC, single or multiple Internet connections, a switch/HUB and a gateway device. It is really as simple as that.

SBO is a point-to-point technology. It can reduce bandwidth usage and improve voice quality between two places transmitting VoIP traffic. And it gives a lot of local benefits for termination businesses. It can use multiple internet connections and works behind NAT and Firewalls. Any type of internet connection i.e. ADSL, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX etc can be used in SBO Multipath network. SBO Multipath now made it possible to use multiple Internet connections and use them seamlessly as one connection. This diagram describes the components required on the SBO network. However, many scenarios are possible in this network. Some of which are discussed below.

The various scenarios in which the SBO Multipath Network may be installed:


Scenario 1: Using Multiple USB Modems

When using SBO Multipath we can use all the USB ports on the SBO PC to connect various type of modems i.e. LAN, Wi-Fi, Wi-MAX, 3G, 4G etc. So we can use different connections on each USB port on SBO Multipath network. And then, combine all available bandwidth speed as a single large Internet connection. This is specially beneficial if high-speed connections are not handy or there are various problems on continuous usage.

Now, we can connect SBO Multipath server to the HUB/Switch via the LAN port. And from HUB we can connect to the gateway devices.

Scenario 2: Using Two LAN Cards

Two or more LAN cards can be used on the SBO PC. One LAN card can be used to connect to the Internet. And the other LAN card can be used to connect to the HUB/Switch. Then, all gateways can be connected to the HUB/Switch on the local network of the SBO Server. This model is specially useful while using broadband connection with ample bandwidth, and multiple gateways.

Scenario 3: Combination of broadband and Wi-Max/3G/4G Modems

Broadband and USB based Internet modems (i.e. Wi-Max, 3G, 4G etc.) can be used in SBO Multipath network. It can stack/combine all bandwidths available in different connections and use as one. In such case, One LAN port can be used to plug broadband connection. And another for creating local network of gateway device(s). If two LAN port is not available, still one LAN port can be used for incoming broadband Internet and local network of gateway(s) through aliasing. USB ports can be used to plug multiple modems. Multipath software then will combine all bandwidth available.

Scenario 4: Using Multiple Broadband Connections

Multiple broadband connections can be used as well in SBO Multipath network to combine/stack bandwidth. A HUB/Switch can be used to plug all Internet connections. And SBO server can take them all through IP aliasing in same LAN. Even the connections are from different ISP. A different LAN can be used to create local network of Gateways. But if there is only one LAN card available on the server, still it is possible to plug gateways through the HUB/Switch. But we recommend installing at least two LAN cards. This is specially useful for setting up large capacity termination.

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