How to print or save invoices offline?

Whether we admit it or not, we become panicked if we fail to connect with the internet. We feel a little bit lost if the incidence is unplanned and business-related like invoices, payments, etc. MyPortal offers few ways to keep you free about this. If you need to keep offline copies or share them with a Client or team members, you can do it very easily from MyPortal. Follow the steps below if you want to save the Invoice as a PDF or make a printed copy.

First, you need to log in to your MyPortal account. Click on the Menu button, it will open up a sidebar. Click on the Billing option there, Invoice option will appear in the dropdown.

Invoice Offline Image 1

Go to the invoice option. Here you will find all the invoices you have.

Invoice Offline Image 2

Open up any invoice by clicking on View Details. Here, you will find two tabs named INVOICE and PAYMENTS on the top left corner.

Invoice Offline Image 3

The invoice option shows the invoice template that you have received and Payments option shows detailed information of this payment.

To download an invoice and payment details into a PDF format :

Click on the PDF icon in the upper right corner of the screen. In a few seconds, a PDF file will be downloaded to your computer,

Invoice Offline Image 4 Invoice Offline Image 5

To Print an invoice and Payment details:

Click on the Print icon and then your printer dialogue box will open up. Fill up the boxes Destination, pages and pages per sheet. Then click Print.

Invoice Offline Image 6 Invoice Offline Image 7 Invoice Offline Image 8

Thus you can print the invoice to paper on demand or send it by email to the parties of a transaction. MyPortal makes it easier to search and sort particular transactions according to invoice type and dates.


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