What is Roles in MyPortal?

Roles is a powerful feature of MyPortal. It includes a set of permissions that can be configured as required. It offers a very structured way to give access to different modules of MyPortal to others. Roles defines the level of accessibility that a user can have in MyPortal account. When you sign up in MyPortal account, you will get a default role named "Root”. Then, it allows you to create new roles, edit them accordingly and assign others by sending an invitation. These new roles come second to the Root role. Keep in mind that your subordinate users/child users can create roles also if they have permission to do so. But they can only assign those tasks to others that are enabled to them by their roles. Each role can be assigned to multiple people. But for now, each person can have only one role.

As mentioned, multiple users can be maintained under a single MyPortal account. And if it becomes necessary to limit the access of any particular user to some specific tasks, a separate role can be created with desired permission level and assign this role to that user. This way, the user will only be able to access those specific functions of MyPortal account and perform permitted only tasks. In a nutshell, by using this feature you can maintain role-based access control. It does not require much maintenance as well. This feature enables you to run your business with the highest security and a little effort.

You can manage roles and users from the Settings section of MyPortal account. Click on the Menu Bar from the top left corner of the screen. A sidebar will open. You will find the Settings at the lower section of the list.

Roles 1

Click on the drop-down arrow icon on the right of the Settings. It will open another submenu with few options.

Roles 2

Click on the Roles tab. It will redirect you to a page like below. You can create roles from here. Besides, if you have already created any role, the list will also be available on this page.

Roles 3

We have a separate article named - “How to create roles for different users in MyPortal?”. Go through the writings if you feel the necessity or you can contact us for any assistance. We would be happy to help.


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