How to remove hang calls/restart SyncSwitch from MyPortal?

Restarting SyncSwitch from MyPortal is necessary to remove hang calls, if any, which are not cleared by restarting from SyncSwitch Web Interface and for immediate effect on subscription update (upgrade/downgrade) as well as for solving any UI inconsistency of Switch. For restarting SyncSwitch from MyPortal you need to login to MyPortal account first. Then go to the SyncSwitch menu.

Switch Reload 1

You will see all subscribed SyncSwitchs are listed here. For restarting, click on the Reload button (indicated with red arrow in below image) of your desired one.

Switch Reload 2

To double check, there will be a pop-up with a caution message of switch restarting as with restarting all live calls will be dropped but no CDR will be lost. If you are still sure about switch restarting then click on the RELOAD button again, otherwise click on CANCEL.

Switch Reload 3

After successful restart of switch you will see Reloaded Successfully message.

Switch Reload 4


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