What is a Recurring Invoice and how to pay Recurring Invoices in MyPortal?

Invoices can be found under the Billing section in the menu bar of MyPortal. There are Four types of invoices used in MyPortal. These are - Cash-In Invoice, Order Invoice, Refund Invoice and Recurring Invoice. Here, we will discuss the Recurring Invoices.

Recurring Invoice means the subsequent invoices for any subscribed package after the initial validity period. Every package has a validity period after which this will expire. But if there is enough balance in the wallet and the customer does not cancel or migrate the package it will auto-renew for the same period. For this auto-renewal, an invoice is generated seven days before the expiration date of an existing package. This invoice is the Recurring Invoice. It is generated seven days before the package expiry date with UNPAID status for Monthly packages. Recurring invoice for Weekly or Daily packages will be generated on the package expiry date.

When the initial package duration is over and renewal is complete by deducting balance from the My Wallet as the package price for the next period, the status of this Recurring Invoice is converted to PAID. But if a customer cancels or migrates the package before the package expiry date, then this invoice becomes invalid and remains as it is.

Recurring Invoices can be paid manually before the due date or it will be paid automatically from the wallet immediately after the end of the validity period when there is enough balance in the wallet. If there is not sufficient balance in the wallet, the existing package will expire at the end of the validity period and service will be stopped.

You will find that service status Inactive in your respective service list. You can Reactivate the service again after adding a sufficient amount of money to My Wallet. If you need, please go through our article”How to add money to My Wallet?

To pay Recurring Invoice manually, click on the Invoices tab and it will redirect you to a page like below where you can find all your invoices with information like Invoice number, Invoice date, Invoice type, Status and Amount. There is a View Details button on the right side of each box. If you click on this button, the invoice of this specific transaction will open.

Recurring Invoice 1

Click on the View Details button of the Unpaid Recurring Invoice. The invoice will open. You will see the Balance Due amount on the right side of the invoice under the Invoice Details. And you will also find a PAY NOW button.

Recurring Invoice 2

Click on the PAY NOW button. You will be redirected to the Payment Confirmation page like below.

Recurring Invoice 3

Click on CONFIRM. A dialogue box will open for payment confirmation.

Recurring Invoice 4

To check your invoices, go to the Invoice tab from the menu bar. Your Recurring Invoice status will show as PAID.

If you have any query regarding invoices or need any assistance, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help.


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