What is the function of Expand icon in SBO tab?

The first icon in SBO management panel is an Expand icon/Drop-down arrow icon.

Expand Icon 1

Each subscribed SBO comes with an IP range, Subnet mask and Default Gateway. You will be needing these while configuring Gateways. Click on this orange Expand icon and it will reveal these information along with the purchase and expiration date of the package.

Expand Icon 2

Here, you will find a Reload SBO button. Whenever there is any change in the settings of this SBO like adding gateway, gateway update or delete, SBO must be reloaded. This button will only be active when the state of this SBO is Online. You will find the state option beside the license status. The state will show as Online when SBO PC is connected to the internet and the license is active. It will show Offline, in case there is no internet connection to the SBO PC or the license is expired.

A warning message will pop up after clicking this Reload SBO button as all active calls, if any will be dropped while reloading.

Expand Icon 3


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