What is the function of Edit icon in SBO tab?

The second icon in the SBO management panel is an Edit icon. After subscribing to any SBO package, unless you activate the SBO, the status will be shown as offline. The Edit icon will help you to activate your SBO.

Edit Icon 1

To do this, first click on the Edit icon from the right side of subscribed SBO. A form like the below picture will appear.

Edit Icon 2

Here, you will have to update your MAC Address and Local NIC. Add an additional :0/:1 after your NIC. For example, assume your PC’s NIC is enp3s0, in that case, you need to put enp3s0:1 in the Local NIC box.

You need to collect your MAC and NIC from your SBO PC. Type “ifconfig” in the terminal and click enter. MAC & NIC information will be displayed on the screen.

Collect that information from your SBO Installed PC and replace it with the automated filled texts in the above box. Finally, click on SUBMIT. Your SBO will be activated automatically if it is connected to the internet. The status will be changed from offline to online.

Edit Icon 3


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