How to configure multiple internet connections in SBO Multipath V.3?

We can configure multiple internet connections by using Multipath Application. This comes by default with the SBO Multipath. This application is developed by Synchronous and intended to ease and automate internet connection procedures.

Click on the Console icon on the Desktop to open Console application. Give command “multipath” on it. It will start Multipath application.



SBO Multipath has 6 options as following –

(1) Configure Ethernet Interfaces for Multipath
(2) Detect, Connect And Route all Modems
(3) AT Command Terminal
(4) Show Modems
(5) Restart Service
(0) Exit

Lets take a scenario where we have two different LAN interface, one with static IP and another with DHCP. We will configure these interfaces with multipath application and prepare them for SBO Multipath.

Please press 1 and then ENTER.


It will automatically lookup for all ethernet interfaces connected to the system. Multipath application can automatically connect DHCP interface. Since one of our interface has DHCP, lets assume eth0, it will connect automatically. Multipath avoids interfaces where no internet is connected. We recommend not to have any interface which does not have any IP settings or connections. It can cause instability of SBO System.


For each of the detected ethernet, Multipath asks following questions –

(1). First it will ask if we want to continue the configuration of a specific interface (i.e. eth0). Press ‘y’ and press enter since we want to configure the interface.
(2). After that, multipath will ask if we want to configure it automatically (DHCP). If our interface has DHCP type internet connection, press y and press enter. It will complete the connection autotmatically. If it has Static IP, press n an press enter.
(3). If n is pressed, it will show the current IP of the interface, if you want to keep it as it is, just press enter. If you want to change the IP address, write that down and press enter.
(4). Do the same for Net Mask.
(5). Do the same for Default Gateway
(6). After that it will ask if we want to add the interface to multipath routing, press y and press enter.

We are done with the configuration of the ethernet interface. Now it will ask to configure next ethernet interface (if any).

Now that we have configured all available interfaces, we can see the configuration by puting command “ifconfig” in console application.


Now we can test our configured interfaces if we can connect to internet with both of the interfaces. To do so, we can test with ping reply for specific interface separately. We can do that by rearranging the ping command like this:

ping -I [ip of the interface] [destination]

Lets assume our interface IP is and destination is Please open console application and put the following command to see if it can connect to internet.

ping -I

If we get ping reply, the interface is connected to the internet. If we do not get ping reply, may be there is no internet on the connection. You will need to contact with ISP to see the network.


Your multiple internet connections are now connected. Routed for multipath, and ready to be used by SBO Multipath.

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