How to manage gateways from MyPortal Account?

Managing Gateway from MyPortal is quite easier now than ever before. We assume that you have already subscribed to an SBO package from the store and have already updated the MAC address & NIC in the system. Now, let’s manage the gateway part from MyPortal.

Step One

From the menu bar, click on SBO. It will bring you to a page where your all subscribed SBO’s information will be displayed sequentially. By expanding each subscribed SBO, it will show Network Details, Purchase Details, Reload SBO etc. Network Details comes with an IP range, Subnet Mask and Default Gateway which will be needed to configure your Gateway Devices.

GW Manage 1 GW manage 2

Pics: List of Subscribed SBO

You will also find a settings button on the right side of every subscribed SBO. When you click on the settings button, you will be redirected to a new page (like the below picture). At the bottom right corner of this page, you will find a Plus (+) icon inside a circle.

GW Manage 3

Step Two

To add a new Gateway in the SBO management system, please, click on the Plus (+) icon. A form will popup (like the below image), where you will be asked to provide your Gateway Device IP, Gateway Port, Switch IP, and Switch Port.

Suppose, your assigned gateway IP range is between, it means you will be able to use any IP for your gateway devices from We presume you have one gateway device and want to attach it with SBO. Configuration of your device could be as follows.

  • Gateway IP:
  • Subnet Mask:
  • Default Gateway:
  • SIP IP: Your Switch SIP IP (e.g.
  • SIP Port: Your Switch SIP Port (e.g 5061)

So, let’s fill out the form now. The very first box is asking for Gateway IP, provide your gateway IP here. In this example, your Gateway IP is The next one is Gateway Port. In most cases, it is default 5060. The third box is asking for Switch IP (IP from where the SBO will receive calls) and the last editable box is Switch Port. Put your Switch IP and Switch SIP Port in the third and fourth boxes respectively. There are two other boxes which are uneditable/locked, leave them untouched. Once you have successfully filled out the form, please, click the SUBMIT button.

GW Manage 4

You have successfully added your device. A similar page like the below picture will appear. On this page, you will find, system-generated SIP signal (IP & Port separated by a colon) and a remote URL for your gateway device. Collect the SIP signal information to add the device in your Softswitch and remote URL to access your gateway device remotely anytime anywhere.

GW Manage 5

SIP Signal

When you will configure the gateway part of the Softswitch, you will have to put SIP Signal IP as gateway IP and SIP Signal Port as Gateway Port. In this example, your SIP Signal is where will be considered as Gateway IP and 6104 as Gateway Port for your Softswitch.

Remote URL

The Remote URL is a clickable link, when you will click on this link, it will open your associated gateway web interface in a browser. So, no more hassle to access your gateway devices remotely. With a single click, you will be able to access your device from any internet-connected PCs/Laptops/Tablets/Smartphones.

If you face any issues during configuration, feel free to contact our engineers via email, webchat or skype.


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