How to limit user accessibility for different functions in MyPortal?

MyPortal helps you to manage and control your business independently from a single site. And multiple users can work simultaneously under a single account. But you may be worried about the security of your business. This article will help you to find a way forward.

MyPortal offers Role-based access control. Thus it limits access to business information and information processing systems as well. In this way, it mitigates the risk of information being accessed without the appropriate authorization and the risk of data breach.

Roles is the feature that restricts system access to authorized users. Role assignment, role authorization, and permission authorization are the three basic rules of it. In MyPortal, different roles can be created for various job functions. The roles are to allow a person to perform certain tasks that are assigned to that specific role. Here, a role may have many permissions and the same permission may be assigned to multiple roles as well. On the other hand, a role may have multiple users. But for now, each user can have only one role.

MyPortal facilitates you to use a hierarchy within the basic role structure. This hierarchy defines the relationships between roles. Such as, Root users can act as a parent. The users with this role can create child roles under him/her and assign permissions to perform the different tasks to those child roles.

Not only that you can run your business smoothly by creating different roles. You can create a role by giving specific permissions and assign that role to the most eligible one. On the other hand, by identifying the permissions of the role of a terminated user, you can withdraw that user’s permissions and then reassign that role to another user with the same or a different set of permissions.

In some short points, the Root/Admin user is who signs up in MyPortal, invitation can be done only with email, invited users must have signed up in MyAccount and the user can create roles with his equal or less permissions considering he has permission to create roles.

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