Where can I find my Invoices in MyPortal?

MyPortal is a secure web interface that gives customers a single point of access to their relevant business information, such as products, policies, orders, invoices, online payments etc.

In MyPortal, there is a separate section for Billing to show customers proper records of their business transactions. All invoices, cash-in, cash-out - every transaction are under the Billing section. You can find this section from the menu bar of MyPortal. Click on the Menu Bar from the top left corner of the screen. It will reveal a drop-down menu list. You will find the Billing at the bottom of the list.

Find Invoice 1

Click on the small v icon on the right of the Billing. It will open another submenu with an option named Invoices.

Find Invoice 2

Click on the Invoices tab. It will redirect you to the invoice page where you can find all your invoices.

Find Invoice 3

From this page you will get a brief view of your invoices with information, like- Invoice number, invoice type, amount and status. On the right side of each invoice, there is a View Details button. If you click on this button, it will open the detail invoice page of this particular transaction.

Filtering option is also available to find a particular invoice or transaction easily. To open the filtering option, click on the filter list icon on the right side of the page beside search option. A box will pop-up containing filtering options from where you can select the appropriate option for you. And then click on the FILTER button at the bottom of the filter box. Invoices according to your selected criteria will be displayed.

Find Invoice 4

There are multiple filtering options. It is possible to filter by Invoice type, invoice date, due date, payment method, when the invoices have been paid or when the payments have actually been received.

So, keeping track of financial transactions is very convenient and transparent in MyPortal.


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