How can I invite multiple users from MyPortal account?

As a business person, you may want to automate and streamline company transactions and business processes. You may expect every person in your organization will perform their jobs better, faster, and with higher personal responsibility. On the other hand, this pandemic time demands low maintenance cost with high efficiency. To meet all your requirements with confidentiality, a Role-based access control system is the first choice. However, this system can be designed to maximize operational performance very easily through your MyPortal account. You can create a role by allowing certain task permissions and then assign this role to a specific person by sending an invitation. Moreover, as a Root user, you can send unlimited invitations. If you are not a Root user but have permission to send invitations, you can also do this. So, let's start to do this. This article will guide you to send invitations to multiple users.

Please, click on the Menu bar and a sidebar will open up like the image below. Here, You will find the Settings option.

Invite Role 1

Click on the drop-down arrow icon on the right of the Settings. It will open another submenu with few options.

Invite Role 2

Click on the Invites tab. It will redirect you to a page like below. Click on the PLUS sign at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Invite Role 3

A form will pop-up like below. Enter the Name and Email address to whom you want to send the invitation. Select role from the drop-down menu, if you already have created the desired role for this user and then click SUBMIT. Otherwise, you need to create one first from the Roles option in Settings. Please go through our article “How to create roles for different users in My Portal?” to create roles.

Invite Role 4

After clicking the SUBMIT button, you will see an invitation entry has been created. With this, an invitation email with ACCEPT INVITATION request has been sent to the email address you have entered into the above box. When the user accepts the invitation, he or she will be forwarded to the Sign-In page of MyPortal account. There they will have to create an account. After that they will be able to sign-in to your portal. The new user can only access the functions that have been permitted by the role.

Invite Role 5

When the invited user completes the account creation process a new user entry is created in your MyPortal. You can check the new user from the User option under Settings section. Please contact us if you need more information.

Furthermore, you can confirm your invitation has been sent or not, from the pending list. You can sort the invitations by using the filter option. Not only that, you can use print, PDF, export, and import options if required.


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