How to install SBO in Hard Drive?

We recommend you to install SBO to the hard disk. Generally, if you install SBO to the hard disk, it shows better stability and performance. Although SBO runs smoothly from USB flash drive as well.

Before starting, make sure that you have bootable USB Drive for SBO. Also make sure you have copied the SBO ISO file to your USB flash drive. Having a copy of the SBO ISO file in the USB is vital. We will require 5 GB of free space in an unused partition of the hard disk to install SBO. It is better if the hard disk is completely blank. Make sure you arrange this before starting.

After booting, these are the steps to install SBO. Please navigate to “Menu >> System >> Devices >> Gparted Partition Manager”. It will open Gparted partition manager application which will show all the available partitions and their usage.


If you are using a unpartitioned and new hard disk, please skip few steps and scroll down. If you have less than 5 GB of unallocated space, follow these steps.

For Old Hard Disk:

From the GParted partition manager, please select the partition with your mouse that you want to delete and assign as unallocated place to install SBO. And then press the delete button at the upper-left side of the window.


After deleting, please press the apply button on the upper-middle side of the window to apply the change.


Now it will prompt for the confirmation to apply changes. Please press apply button.

install_SBO_4 install_SBO_5

As we have deleted a partition, we will see unallocated space and its size. Now we will create a new partition to install SBO, by following later mentioned steps.

For New Hard Disk:

Please select the unallocated space to install SBO. Click on “New” button at the upper-left corner of the window. Following page will appear. To install SBO, we require minimum 5 GB (5120 MB) of space, while 10 GB (10240 MB) is recommended. Please put the drive size on “new size” field, remember it is in mega bytes. Select “File System” as “ext2” and leave everything else as it is. Click on the Add button once done.


You should see a new partition with ext2 format in the list. Please click on the Apply button on the upper side of the window. It should prompt with following page. Please click on the Close button.


Once the changes are applied the “apply” button will be turned off.


Now we will right click on the created partition and select manage flags. From the flags option we will select boot.

install_SBO_10 install_SBO_11

Now, we are done with the partitioning and ready to install SBO on this partition.

Install SBO:

To install SBO on the specified partition, first we will need to mount the bootable USB Drive with SBO. We can do so by clicking on the USB drive available at the bottom of the home screen with a USB sign on it and named like sdb1/sdb2 etc. Please double click on that to mount. Once mounted, it will show a cross sign over the drive, as well as will open a window by showing contents inside it. Close that window.


Now, click on the menu button and navigate to “Setup >> Utility >> Puppy Universal Installer”. It will open Universal installer window. We will use this to install SBO.


Please select “Internal (IDE or SATA) hard drive” as we are going to install the SBO in the hard disk. Click OK button once done with the selection.


A window will appear with the hard drive information, if you have multiple hard drive installed, it will show here. Please select the correct hard drive and click OK.


Now it will show all the partition of the selected hard drive. Please select the partition with ext2 format that we have created to install SBO. Click on the little dog icon beside the partition we have created which says install puppy to sda6 (or it can be any number sda1/sda2/sda3 etc). Make sure you select the partition that we have created before.


It will ask for confirmation. Click OK


Following window will appear and click on FULL here.


It will start copying SBO to the hard disk from bootable USB Drive. Please wait for around 5 minutes while it copies all required files from USB drive to the hard drive partition. Once done, It will show a dialogue box confirming installation has completed. Please click on the OK button and close the other window that appears with text.

install_SBO_19 install_SBO_20

This is how you install SBO to your hard drive. Since, installation of the SBO to the hard drive partition from the USB has been completed; please unmount the USB drive by clicking on the drive icon in desktop screen.

Setting up boot priority:

After dismounting the USB drive from menu, please navigate to “Menu >> System >> Devices >> grub4dos bootloader config”. We will set boot priority of SBO to first priority on boot.


It will prompt following window to select hard drive. Select hard drive (sda) and click OK.


A pop up window will appear seeking confirmation. Click OK.


After completing the installation, Grub will prompt following window. Click on “Edit ‘menu list'”.


Menu list will open as a text file. Check carefully if SBO Multipath is in the first of the list of operating system. If not, copy the section of SBO Multipath and paste at the beginning of the OS list. We can change the waiting time of booting from here as well. It will make faster booting.


Click on the Save button at the upper-left side of the window to save the configuration. After saving close the window.


Now reboot the computer to boot from the hard disk.


It will prompt to save configurations. Since we are going to boot from hard disk, no need to save anything. Click NO. It will then reboot automatically and boot from hard drive.



By following all the steps carefully you can successfully install SBO to your hard drive.


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