How to configure Static Internet connection in SBO V.4?

We can configure static internet connection through "internet" script which comes with the SBO installation. This script is developed by Synchronous to make the internet connection management easier. With the help this script you can add, delete and update the internet connection of SBO.

To begin the static internet connection setup first log into SBO and give the "internet" command. It will open the internet connection setup wizard. SBO internet setup script has the following 4 options.

Static Internet 1

To set up a static internet connection choose “Add New Connection” from the connection manager list which is in option 2. To select “Add New Connection”, write 2 as input value and press enter. After that It will look up all Ethernet interfaces connected with the SBO and show a list of all available Ethernet interfaces.

Static Internet 2

From the available interface list you can decide which interface you want to configure for static connection. For example, you want to add static connection on interface enp0s8 which is in option 2. Then type 2 to select interface enp0s8 and press enter.

Static Internet 3

After selecting interface name, now select STATIC/Manual option by typing 2 and press enter.

Static Internet 4

After picking up a static connection, the internet script will ask you to put your IP information like IP Address, Subnetmask, Default Gateway IP Address, DNS which is provided by ISP, Router or your system admin like the following.

Static Internet 5

After submitting all the IP information press enter then you will be prompted with a connection success message if all the information you put is correct like the following.

Static Internet 6

After successful setup you can verify your IP address with the “View connection details” option. For that, select the option “no” press enter to re-run the script.

Static Internet 7

To view the IP address select the “View connection details” option by typing 1 and press enter. It will show all the available interface lists with connection details like the following.

Static Internet 8

Finally, test your static connection with the help of a ping application. For that you have to exit from the script by giving “yes” to the script. Then give the “ping -c 3 -I enp0s8” command to test the connection. If you get a ping reply, the connection is OK and ready.

Static Internet 9


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