How to get a free demo of SBO Multipath V.4?

SBO, the pioneer bandwidth optimization solution for VoIP termination, has recently released its latest version which is SBO MULTIPATH V.4 with an aim to ensure uninterrupted and secured termination business at the market’s best price. The latest version comes with some exciting flexible packages from 8 channels to 48++ channels. However, as you are a new visitor here, we would like to greet you with a FREE SBO DEMO for Seven Days!

How to Get SBO Multipath V.4 Demo For Free?

To subscribe to an SBO demo for free, you need to have an account in MyPortal . We hope you have already created one. If you are a new visitor, please create an account in MyPortal before you proceed further. We have published a step-by-step guideline of “How to sign up in MyPortal by email?” to assist you with the account creation. Once you sign in to MyPortal, you will see different packages are displayed in the store including SBO Demo Package.

Step One- Request Money to Subscribe to Demo

Every single subscription from our store will be done through portal wallet balance. The same conditions apply for Free Demo as well. Therefore, for a Demo subscription, we require a minimum amount balance in your My Wallet. And we will add that minimum balance to your My Wallet whenever you request it for a new Demo subscription.

From the dropdown menu list, please, go to the Wallet.

Demo SBO 1

It will open a page where you will find all your transaction details, your My Wallet balance, and also options to add money to your My Wallet. For the SBO Demo package you need $5 and if you want to try SBO Demo SyncSwitch with it, you need $5+$3=$8 balance.

There are two options available to add money, Bank and PayPal. For demo subscription purposes, please click on Bank.

Demo SBO 2

Once you have selected the Bank option, a popup form will appear.

The first row asks for currency, please select USD from the list. The second row asks for the amount. As our 32 channels SBO demo price is $5, please put $5 here. The next row is asking for a reference, here we suggest you write Payment for SBO Demo or something similar. The next one is a date, please select the exact date you are going to get the demo and the final row is asking for a payment note. We suggest you give some identical information here. For example, your company name, your name, or your email address so that we can identify you.

Demo SBO 3

When you have filled out the form with detailed information, click on Next. A confirmation page will appear mentioning the applied amount and some other information. Based on your provided information, our team will check and approve your payment as soon as possible. When the payment is approved, your wallet balance will be updated accordingly.

Demo SBO 4

Step Two- Subscribe Free Demo of SBO

Now, from the dropdown menu list, please go to the store. You will see all packages of SBO are displayed here. If you click on the “SyncSwitch” from top navigation buttons, you will find all packages of SyncSwitch including demo package. To subscribe SBO or SyncSwitch, we will follow the same procedures.

In this tutorial, we are going to purchase SBO Demo package

Demo SBO 5

Click on the Buy button of the specific demo package. It will bring you to a page (like the picture below) where the package details will be shown including capacity, price, and validity.

Demo SBO 6

Clicking on the Buy again will bring you to the payment page, where product details, payable amount, and My Wallet balance will be shown.

Demo SBO 7

Finally, click on the CONFIRM button to process the subscription. A confirmation dialog box will appear like the below image.

Demo SBO 8

You have successfully subscribed to an SBO DEMO and it should be included in your SBO list. To check your subscribed SBO, please, go to SBO from the menu dropdown list and navigate to your subscribed SBO Demo for configuration.

If you need any help regarding subscription and configuration, please feel free to contact us.

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