How to install Mozilla Firefox browser in SBO?

To install Mozilla Firefox browser in SBO PC follow these steps.

From the Menu>>Setup>>System>>Puppy Package Manager.

firefox_in_sbo_1 firefox_in_sbo_2

In the find box type Mozilla Firefox and click on go. Then click on Search when the new window appears.

firefox_in_sbo_3 firefox_in_sbo_4

When Mozilla Firefox is returned by the search results. Click on it and then click on Install Mozilla Firefox browser in SBO.

firefox_in_sbo_5 firefox_in_sbo_6

In the next window click on download packages and your download will commence.

firefox_in_sbo_7 firefox_in_sbo_8

Once download is complete click on ok.

firefox_in_sbo_9 firefox_in_sbo_10

You have successfully downloaded and installed Mozilla Firefox browser in SBO PC.

firefox_in_sbo_11 firefox_in_sbo_12


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