What are the features of SBO Multipath V.4 besides reducing bandwidth consumption?

SBO Multipath V.4 is widely recognized as a bandwidth optimizer for VoIP. Although the other features of SBO Multipath V.4 are noteworthy as well. To summarize the other features of SBO are:

  • SBO Multipath V.4 allows multiple internet connections bonding and to be used as a single connection seamlessly with load balancing and failover on demand.
  • Increases ACD, ASR & Route performance.
  • SBO Multipath V.4 works behind NAT or firewalls.
  • Works with any type of Internet connection ( 3G, 4G, GPRS, EDGE, ADSL, Wi-Fi, Wimax etc.).
  • Manages congested network.
  • Works with a wide variety of voice codecs, i.e G729, G723, ulaw, alaw etc.
  • Supports SIP Protocol.
  • Works with both real/public IP and local/private IP addresses.

These are some of the important other features of SBO Multipath V.4 that makes it the best solution in the market.


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