How to create Roles for different users in MyPortal?

MyPortal enables you to run your business smoothly by maintaining security and privacy. You can create roles with specific permissions. Then invite specific persons by assigning specific roles. Here, Role is actually a list of permissions by which an authorized person can access and perform certain tasks. Permissions are resource-specific that defines whether a role is capable of doing a certain task or not. So, you should always check whether an authorized person has the correct role with appropriate permissions or not. Suppose, in case of SBO, you can create a role by giving permission to read-only. So, the authorized person can do so. But if you create a role by giving permission like update or reload, this enables the role read and list also. As because, read and list are dependencies of them. Here, we will discuss how a role is created in MyPortal.

To create a Role, click on the Menu Bar from the top left corner of the screen. A sidebar will open. You will find the Settings at the lower section of the list.

Create Role 1

Click on the drop-down arrow icon on the right of the Settings. It will open another submenu with few options.

Create Role 2

Click on the Roles tab. It will redirect you to a page like below. You can create roles from here. Besides, if there is any previously created role, the list will also be available on this page.

Create Role 3

Click on the PLUS sign at the bottom right corner of the screen. You will be redirected to the Add Role page. On the top of the page, there is a box named Role. Enter a name for this role. Below this box, there are multiple modules to select under Permissions. Select the modules and the level of access you want to provide for this role by clicking the small boxes beside each module and action name. Then click on ADD.

Create Role 4

An important thing to notice is that there are some actions which have dependent actions. If you want to permit these types of actions for a role, you will have to permit its dependent actions also. In the image below, we can see SBO read and list actions are dependent objects of SBO update or reload action.

Create Role 5

If you click on the ALLOW button, all actions under SBO will be selected.

After selecting the desired permission level for this role, click on the ADD button on the bottom of the Add Role page. This role will be created and you can find this new role under Roles tab.

Please contact us, if you need any assistance for creating roles. We would be happy to help.


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