How to configure modems with SBO Multipath?

Lets consider you have number of EDGE / 3G / 4G / LTE modems as alternate options of internet connection. Multipath allows you to add all of them to the SBO Multipath system and aggregate all available bandwidth and use to run the setup. This is one amazing thing that SBO Multipath offers. Lets see how to configure modems with SBO Multipath application to the SBO System.

Open the Console application from Desktop and give “multipath” command. It will start the multipath application.


Press 2 and press enter to detect, connect and route all modems. SBO multipath application will detect all connected modems to the system, try to connect them and route all modems to the multipath routing.


Once multipath application completes detecting, connecting and routing all modems, you can see modem details and signal strength by pressing 4 and enter in the multipath application.


Press 0 to exit from the multipath application. In the console window, write “ifconfig” command to see all the connected networks.


We can test each of the connected network by ping application. To test with ping application, give command in console with following format.

ping -I [interface ip] [destination]

If the interface IP is and destination is, the command will look like this.

ping -I

If we get ping reply, the connection is ok and ready.

Congratulations!! You have completed configuring internet connections successfully. This is how you configure modems with SBO.

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