Can I check the purchase history and its related transaction for SyncSwitch in MyPortal?

We know very well that it is hard to keep track of every service in this SaaS era. But as a business person, you may be in need of tracking all your purchased SyncSwitch for like its non-technical details, its status or how much money have been spent on any particular SyncSwitch.

MyPortal has made keeping track of each subscription very easy and super simple. Now it is possible to see and check all previous changes in terms of capacity, validity etc. has occurred for a SyncSwitch from a single page. You will be happy to know that you can do it even on the go through our GetSBO app which is both Android and iOS supported.

All of the changes are kept recorded under respective subscribed products. This article will guide you to find all previous activities for each purchased SyncSwitch.

To check the history for SyncSwitch, click on the SyncSwitch tab from the menu bar. A page will open where all of your purchased SyncSwitches are listed. In this page, on the right side of each SyncSwitch package you will find a gear icon inside a circle. Click on this.

SyncSwitch History 1

It will redirect you to a page like below. On the page, you will find non-technical details of this SyncSwitch and its package type. Not only that, it will also show a small box containing information if you have requested for deactivation, migration or cancellation.

. SyncSwitch History 2

On top of the page, there are 3 options - DETAILS, HISTORY and TRANSACTIONS. Click on HISTORY. This will lead you to a page from where you can see your active plan as well as any previous plans if there has been any change from the first purchase date.

SyncSwitch History 3

The Active Plan box shows the currently running package with its name, purchase date and time, capacity, validity and status.

Requested Plan for Migration box shows a new package you want to migrate to from the existing package. This box will appear if you have selected in advance to migrate to a new package at the end of validity of existing package. The status of this new package will show as Awaiting until the expiry of the currently running package and will be active immediately at the end of the validity period of the current package.

The Previous Plans box shows the purchase history of this SyncSwitch. All changes from upgrade, downgrade or reactivation will be listed here. Status of these packages are Inactive.

There is another tab named as TRANSACTIONS showing your transaction history. All invoices regarding this SyncSwitch will be shown here. You can see how much you have spent on this SyncSwitch at a glance from this page.

SyncSwitch History 4

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