How to Check Subscribed SBOs and SyncSwitches from MyPortal?

MyPortal is such an interactive platform from where you can do everything needed to manage your business. This article will guide you to locate your subscribed SBO and SyncSwitch in the MyPortal account.

As you are reading this article, we assume you are already in your MyPortal account and have successfully subscribed to your desired product (i.g SBO, SyncSwitch). Now, you need to check the subscribed SBO or SyncSwitch and configure those.

(We have separate articles to help you with account creation and subscribing products from MyPortal. Please go through the writings if you need any assistance.)

Click on the Menu in your MyPortal account. It will open a sidebar. You will find SyncSwitch and SBO options in this sidebar.

Suscribed Product 1

To find out your subscribed SyncSwitch, click on the SyncSwitch tab. It will redirect to a page like below. You will see all your subscribed switches on this page.

Suscribed Product 2

For every switch, you will be given an url/link. Besides, here you will also find information like SIP address, purchase date, expiry date, concurrency, license status and state of each switch.

(The link will take you to your switch configuration panel. There you will complete the configuration process and can monitor your switch performance. We have a SyncSwitch Quickstart Guide. Follow the guideline if you feel the necessity.)

Similarly, to check your subscribed SBO, click on the SBO tab from the menu bar. It will open a page like the picture below.

Suscribed Product 3

All your subscribed SBOs will be listed on this page displaying MAC, capacity, license status and state of this SBO. There are 3 icons on the right side of each subscribed SBO. If you click on the orange drop-down icon/expand icon, it will invert and show some other relevant information, for example - NIC, IP range, purchase and expire date etc. From this management panel, you will be able to do your SBO configuration. Go through our super simple How to manage my subscribed SBO from MyPortal account? article and start doing your business. Best of luck!

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