How to check the license status of SBO from MyPortal?

You can check the license status of your subscribed SBO/s anywhere, anytime from your MyPortal account. You can do this even on the go through our GetSBO app.

This article will guide you in step by step on how to check the license status so easily from your MyPortal account.

First, please log in to your MyPortal account. Click on the Menu button, a sidebar will open up.

License Status of SBO 1

You will find the SBO option in the sidebar, click on it.

License Status of SBO 2

SBO tab will open up like the image below. On this page, you will find all the subscribed SBOs list. Each of them has several icons containing its own information on the right side along with its license status.

License Status of SBO 3

Here, you will find the License Status of your SBO whether it is active or not. The license status will show Active until the expiry date of the subscribed package. After the expiration date, it will show Inactive status if manual or auto-renewal does not occur.

For, any type of inconvenience to check the license status don’t hesitate to contact us.


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