How to check internet speed from SBO PC?

There are plenty of options check internet speed or current upload and download speed from SBO PC. One way to approach is browser based test. This test will give available connection speed. Go to address and click on “Test My Internet” Button.

There are many other services which shows upload and download speed of the connection. But this will not provide accurate information if you are using SBO Multipath.

We can do it another way by ‘iptraf’ which is installed already to check internet speed from SBO PC. If you are using SBO Multipath, this application will show you upload and download speed for each network interface. Just follow steps below

Step 1: Open ‘Console’ application from Desktop

Step 2: Write command ‘iptraf’

Step 3: Press any key to continue

Step 4: Go to ‘Detailed interface statistics’ by keyboard arrow and press enter

It will show current incoming/outgoing speed. It also shows total bandwidth usage.

If you are still having issue or confused, please talk with our technical experts to get help regarding this.

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