How to buy SBO and SyncSwitch Packages from MyPortal?

You will be glad to know that Synchronous has implemented a fully automated subscription process for our valued partners. Subscription process of SBO and SyncSwitch from our website is as easy as other eCommerce platforms.

To subscribe to SBO or SyncSwitch, you need to have an account in MyPortal. We presume you have already created your account there. If you are a new visitor, please create an account in MyPortal before you proceed further. We have published a nice article about, “How to sign up in MyPortal by email?”, worth reading.

Once you are signed in to MyPortal, you will see different products (i.e. SBO, SyncSwitch etc.) and packages are displayed in the Store. Find the best package that suits your business.


Well, before approaching to subscribe to any package, we strongly recommend you to add money to your portal wallet as all of your subscriptions will be done through your wallet balance. For your conveniences, we have prepared another article explaining, “How to add money to My Wallet in MyPortal?”. Please go through the writing if you need any help.

We assume you already have sufficient balance in your wallet to purchase your desired package. To subscribe, simply click on Buy.


When you click on the Buy button (as shown above), it will open to a new page where you will find package information including capacity, price and duration. In this stage, you will be given freedom to choose whether you want your subscription for monthly, quarterly or half yearly basis. It is worth mentioning that if you pay quarterly or half yearly, you will be automatically entitled to enjoy a 5% and 10% discount respectively from the base price. Select the package duration and check the grand total amount shown, then click to Buy.


When you click on the Buy button, you will be taken to the payment confirmation page where total payable amount and available wallet balance will be displayed for your convenience.


Click on Confirm. A purchase confirmation page will appear like below.


Congratulations! Your subscription is completed. Your subscribed items should be available in your MyPortal now. To find your purchased products, you may check SBO and SyncSwitch tabs in the Menu bar. Thank you!


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