How can I burn SBO on a flash drive?

In order to burn SBO on a flash drive first we need to download some files from the website. Firstly, the SBO ISO file and then the UNetbootin USB Creator. After downloading UNetbootin USB Creator and SBO ISO Image; follow these steps to burn SBO ISO file onto USB flash drive.To burn SBO, plug in your USB flash memory key / pen drive to any of the USB port of your PC/Laptop/Server. Wait until it is detected, installed and ready to use. Check inside your ‘My Computer’ if the USB Drive shows up there. If it is available there, we are ready for next step.

You can run the UNetbootin by double clicking on the downloaded file. It does not require any installation. This software will burn the SBO ISO file into your flash drive. You can find the file in your download location.




On the UNetbootin window, by default Distribution radio button is selected. Look at the bottom of the window and select Disk image. Make sure ISO is selected on the drop down box next to the Disk image radio button. Click on the button with “…” and select the SBO Multipath V.3 ISO image from your computer. On the bottom row, there is a drop down box labeled Type. Select USB Drive there. And from the Drive drop down next to Type, select the USB Drive that you have inserted previously and where you want to create the SBO Multipath bootable USB Drive. Hit OK once done.


Once you hit OK button, it will automatically do the rest of the creation step by step. No further input is required from your end. The whole process to burn SBO should take a few minutes. Once the UNetbootin shows installation is complete, press exit. No need to press reboot. We will reboot later. This is how you burn SBO Solution onto a USB flash drive.

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