How can I burn SBO on a DVD?

To burn SBO on a DVD, first we need the SBO ISO Image. In this link you can download the SBO ISO Image. It will prompt you for saving the file. Please copy the file to the Desktop of your computer.

Please insert a blank writable/rewritable DVD to your DVD writer for burning the bootable DVD for SBO Multipath V.3. We assume that you are using Windows Operating System. If you are using different operating system, please contact with us.

Once the blank DVD is inserted to the DVD writer, locate the SBO Multipath ISO file and right click on it. The pop up menu will give an option to “Burn disk image”, click on that.


Another pop up window will appear asking for authorization for buring the DVD. Make sure that you select the proper DVD writer (in case you have multiple DVD writers plugged in). Once confirmed, please click on the “Burn” button. It will start burning the SBO Multipath ISO Image to the DVD.


You can monitor the progress on the status bar. Once the burning is completed, it will show the status message “The disc image has been successfully burned to disc.” and the DVD writer will pop-eject the burned disc.


After susccessful burning, your SBO Multipath DVD is ready for booting. This is how you can burn SBO on a DVD. This process will also work if you are using a CD instead of a DVD.

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