How to burn SBO Multipath ISO on USB Flash Drive?

Burning process of SBO Multipath V.4 ISO on a USB Flash Drive.

In order to burn SBO Multipath V.4 ISO on a USB flash drive, you need to download two files: 1) SBO Multipath V.4 ISO file and 2) ‘Rufus’ Software - Bootable USB Flash Drive Creator from . You also need a USB Flash Drive handy with you.

Following are the steps to burn SBO Multipath V.4 ISO on a USB flash drive:

Step 1: Insert the USB Flash Drive into your Computer’s USB Port. Wait until it is detected, installed and ready to use. Check inside your ‘My Computer’ if the USB Drive shows up there. If it is available there, you are ready for the next step.

Step 2: Open ‘Rufus’ USB Creator on your computer. You can run ‘Rufus’ by double clicking on the downloaded file, it does not require any installation.

USB Burn 1

Step 3: Select your desired USB Flash Drive which will be bootable with SBO Multipath V.4 ISO in Device drop down menu of Rufus window and left all other settings as default:

USB burn 2

Step 4: Select SBO Multipath V.4 ISO Image from the saved location on your computer by clicking the SELECT button which is showing on the below picture and then click on START button.

USB burn 3

Step 5: Following pop-up windows will appear, please click on Yes/OK button.

USB burn 4

Step 6: Wait until the process is completed.

USB burn 5

Step 7: Close the USB Creator when copying completed. Please do not remove the USB Flash Drive before closing the ‘Rufus’ USB creator by clicking the CLOSE button. It may create a problem and ISO may be corrupted.

USB burn 6

Now your USB Flash Drive is ready to use. Plug this USB Flash Drive into SBO Multipath V.4 PC/Server to run for further installation.


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