How to access gateway devices remotely?

You can easily access your gateway devices by using remote URLs from anywhere, anytime provided by MyPortal.

When you add a gateway in MyPortal, it gets a unique remote URL. You can access that gateway from distance by clicking it when your SBO and gateways are online. You can do this even on the go through the GetSBO app which is Android and IOS supported. It should be mentioned that you don’t need to log in MyPortal account to access your gateway device. Make sure your SBO and gateways are online, insert the remote URL in the browser, and access the specified gateway.

Now, I would like to discuss the steps to access gateways from MyPortal.

Firstly, log in to your MyPortal account. Click on the Menu button, a sidebar will open up. Click on the SBO option in the sidebar. A page will open up with a list of all of your all SBOs. Each SBO has its separate row containing various information of its own. Please go to the specific SBO under which gateways you want to monitor. Then click on the Setting icon of that SBO.

Access Gateway Device Remotely 1

A page will open up which consists of various information like, GW IP and port, Switch IP and port, sip signal, and remote URL link. Click on the link. You can access your gateways right now.

Access Gateway Device Remotely 2

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